Why the NFT Experience Sucks

Yeah, we said that and we mean it. The NFT experience sucks, bigtime. Here’s what we’re doing about that.

4 min readApr 25, 2022

Detail of Mona Lisa (1503–1506) by Leonardo da Vinci, Louvre
Bored Ape courtesy Rinko

Collectors and flippers spent $41 billion worth of crypto on NFTs in 2021, according to a report by Chainalysis. That’s a whole lot of money! Has it been well spent? We definitely think so; NFTs are one of the most incredible things since shredded Banksys.

Unfortunately, once you’ve bought an NFT, there isn’t a platform or place to experience your new purchase in all its glory. When you buy an art masterpiece, you can display it in your living room, gallery, or a museum. After purchasing a half-million-dollar Bored Ape NFT, what do you do with it?

NFTs are supposed to be Art

NFTs aren’t stocks, options, or ETFs. We should use cryptocurrency for our transactional needs on the blockchain while treating NFTs as the soulful expression of an artist’s creative vision.

Collectors celebrate their collections and rotate them around cities like New York, Paris, or Tokyo for thousands to see. They never let them go stale; the art continuously emerges from storage in new venues and curations.

When collectors purchase NFTs on platforms like OpenSea, they can enjoy them by squinting at a 40-pixel-wide picture or animation on their phone. Sound familiar? At best, they can set up a custom 3D gallery to enjoy the art, but that’s a time-consuming and complex operation and often results in a dull experience.

So why are we not giving NFTs the same treatment as we’re giving art?

It’s time to shout: NFTs are Art!

To treat NFTs with all the care they deserve, we should have places to view them in all their splendor. A place to share them with friends and the community. A place where they can become part of a permanent or temporary exhibit curated by masters who put together curatorial events whose sum is more significant than its parts.

VERTIKAL does just that!

VERTIKAL is the floating metaverse where everyone — whether collector, artist, gallery, corporate body or amateur — can own a 3D gallery to showcase NFTs in all their glory across private units while enjoying gorgeous views of Central Park.

Each of the five different unit types comes in different sizes with the ability to re-decorate and re-model to showcase these NFT collections in a unique and completely customized way. Decoration items include amazing frames for NFTs, statues, robots, roving pet monkeys, flying PA fish, and even a paint cannon to temporarily splatter your NFTs when their floor price goes down.

These units can be public, semi-private (only open to a designated group such as friends, family, clients, and employees) or private with individual one-off invitations. We would of course recommend public, so as to share as much of the collection with the broader community. Organize a vernissage or throw a party for everyone in VERTIKAL!

These parties can easily flow over into the common areas which sit at the center of each level and on dedicated floors. These include an ice rink, bonsai garden, rollercoaster, and even a beach. And well, who wouldn’t be blown away by an NFT gallery on a beach?

VERTIKAL includes a museum, a permanent collection, and a community-owned art fund with a million and five dollar budget. These host the curated collections, temporary and permanent, of all significant NFTs.

Where will you put your Bored Ape?

So go ahead, join the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Whatever ape you’ve been eyeing will surely look good with the Manhattan skyline glistening behind it. Invite the lads you met at the Party Gardens upstairs to see your curatorial finesse and join the long list of Vertikal curators.

It’s about time we collaborate to create a fantastic NFT experience.

Stay tuned and find out more about our roadmap and VERTIKAL’s development. In the meantime, we’re inviting all to share ideas and join our community where early adopters get invited to the exclusive SkyG club — that’s OG in the Sky!



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