Why is your NFT collection such a mess

Art doesn’t thrive in an exclusive vacuum, and NFTs need the curatorial touch

3 min readMay 10, 2022
You can finally see the NFTs in your collection

Last week, we explained why the NFT experience sucks! Today, we have a brand new complaint: the NFT world and what’s in your wallet is an absolute mess.

Let us list all the types of NFTs currently floating out there: artworks, collectibles, sports memorabilia, video game assets, virtual land, memes, domains, music, ticketing, real-world assets, digital fashion items, PFPs, etc. And also tons and tons of miscellaneous items.

So when it comes to the above NFT categories, the same art and collections are repeatedly regurgitated. This repetition is extremely unfortunate, considering the sea of creativity that has yet to be discovered, organized, and displayed.

The NFT world needs the likes of Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach and their digital twins. Don’t get us wrong — we’re certainly not advocating for gatekeepers and limiting artistic expression. Yet as we mentioned in our introductory post, there is a lot to borrow from the IRL art world, whether in its selection process, corporatist energy, and showcasing methodology.

We’re not just here to complain though! Here’s what we’re doing about the massive chaos in the NFT world.

Private spaces for personal curation

Private collectors rejoice! Within the 115 floors of our Central Park located metaverse, VERTIKAL, we’re creating various options of private spaces or units to display digital art collections in the best way possible.

You become the curator of a private 2D and 3D collection by grouping, hiding, showing, and tagging all the NFTs in your wallet. You’re also welcome to learn from the VERTIKAL community of artists, curators, and other creative figures to help build your display.

Modular improvements like unit skins, frames, lighting, secret rooms, and sound systems help you create a private gallery with the surroundings to ensure it shines. So many options bring curatorial power to your fingertips.

Once you’ve set up your gallery, it’s time to invite your friends and community to enjoy your beautifully curated and organized collection of NFTs and digital art.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing the types of private spaces available for purchase in VERTIKAL. Do stay tuned to this Medium page and our Discord server.

Curating a community of art

The private spaces are inspiring, yet the most stimulating creative exchange happens in the public areas where people get to share and mingle.

The open-access common areas across VERTIKAL include party gardens, central plazas, the Dome and Observatory, a beach, a giant Bonzai garden, and even an ice rink (more TBA). We have so much to learn from real life: the finest museums, galleries, public spaces, and communities worldwide inspired these spaces.

These all serve one purpose: bringing together all digital and NFT art into one curated, community-driven space where the art can shine in temporary and permanent exhibits.

Vertikal is home to famous artists, collections, and communities, yet art does not thrive in an exclusive vacuum. Amateurs and art lovers from all walks of life and persuasions are crucial to share and discuss the creativity embedded in each artistic creation.

Instead of a hodgepodge of mislabelled jpegs, fans can now enjoy art curated on par with the most outstanding art exhibits worldwide.

Building tomorrow’s curations today

Vertikal is also looking to the future and helping artists prepare for tomorrow’s curations.

This help includes Vertikal’s residency program, which provides studios to inspired NFT artists. The Vertikal Art Fund supports buying NFTs, curatorial research, and building and expanding a comprehensive collection. Many other programs help digital and NFT artists.

And finally, to support all this, Vertikal is constantly hosting a rich program of conferences, talks, galas, and festivals across the public spaces.

Stay tuned to find out more about our roadmap and VERTIKAL’s development. In the meantime, we’re inviting all to join our Discord community and share ideas where early adopters get invited to the exclusive SkyG Club.



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