The VERTIKAL White Paper — your guide to our Metaverse

4 min readNov 1, 2022


In a project this vast, detail is everything. The newly-published VERTIKAL White Paper reveals (almost) all.

Making the VERTIKAL vision a reality involves all our doxxed team members, combining the know-how, strategic partnerships and relentless energy necessary to bring this ambitious project to life. This week the VERTIKAL vision takes a big step closer to reality with the publication of our eagerly awaited White Paper. It’s available to download right now on our website:

Making virtual reality a reality

VERTIKAL started with a vision, which grew into a team, a roadmap and a website. This summer has seen that vision take real form, as the detailed structures, mechanisms and partnerships needed to bring VERTIKAL to life have been refined and confirmed. This work behind the scenes ensures that when you’re in VERTIKAL, you can enjoy our Metaverse the way you want to, securely and reliably.

In the White Paper we explain how V-Pads and Private Levels work for all our Residents, how to customise V-Pads and manage them with our Penta app when it’s launched, and how our tech choices are implemented. We give a full outline of our corporate governance too, showing how we have built voting systems to ensure the whole VERTIKAL community, from NGOs owning Sky Mansions to artists showcasing their latest digital art in Hives, has its say in the evolution of the project. This robust legal structure and a clear purpose for each entity within it is what allows us to propose the MoonShot launchpad to accelerate the careers of digital artists, the VERTIKAL Art Foundation and of course The Grand Bazaar, our NFT trading hub.

Since we’re taking scrupulous care of the technicalities, legalities and compliance, all you have to do is enjoy the experience …

Substance with style

Since VERTIKAL’s goal is to improve the NFT and digital art experience, one of our priorities has always been the creation of public and private spaces that really allow digital art to shine in the way the artist intended. The VERTIKAL community will be involved in decisions about the common space — the Plaza — on each Level, but each Resident will have control over the look and feel of their own unit, allowing them to show their collection to its full potential.

The White Paper provides more detail than ever before on Customization NFTs, how they will be acquired and the Skins, Feature NFTs, Pet NFTs, Portal NFTs and, er, Random NFTs we’ve already planned. The excitement of curation extends to the space that artworks inhabit, and VERTIKAL is built to allow remarkable things to happen. We’re also making it easy: setting up and styling your V-Pad shouldn’t be laborious. With easy to use tools, you can ring the changes regularly to keep your collection fresh and vibrant.

Come together

Over half the Levels in VERTIKAL are devoted to exhibitions, events and public areas. It’s our conviction that the participation of the VERTIKAL community is key to achieving our vision of a vibrant, dynamic space in which to experience and share NFTs and digital art, and we’ve created a multitude of spaces to bring the community together.

We love the IRL art scene, but artists and collectors have both told us that a critical missing element is the connection between artist and collector, the relationship that should be forged from shared passion for an original artwork. With so many opportunities for Residents and visitors to come together, VERTIKAL encourages direct contact between artists and collectors, making this new Art District a thriving hub of activity and exchange.

Having said the White Paper shares all the information about VERTIKAL, we’re still keeping some of these spaces secret for now, so for example the subterranean levels will only be revealed to the curious (fortunate?) few, from the Dungeons to the Dodgy Collection. As we ascend the VERTIKAL building, though, we’re excited to reveal more detail about the spaces we’ve already shared — the Moon Deck, The Grand Bazaar and 500k Museum of Notorious Draws, for example. And we introduce some thrilling new spaces, from Levels celebrating national culture to, well, explorations of the entire universe.

Questions or comments about anything in the White Paper? Join us on our Discord server or ask us on Twitter.


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VERTIKAL is a purpose-built, community-driven Metaverse. Its 115 floors celebrating digital art culture float 555 feet above Umpire Rock in Central Park, New York. For more information visit and join the community on Discord.




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