Do NFT Artists deserve our support?

Definitely and here's how. From the Vertikal Fund to the MoonShot Program, these are some of the ways we’ll be working to stimulate the NFT Art scene.

3 min readJun 19, 2022


External Views from Vertikal Penthouses commissioned by digital artists

Well, that’s a no-brainer!

There are hundreds of grants and bounties floating around that promote development in the NFT space; funding for initiatives, projects, and ideas. We commend and very much appreciate these funding schemes, and have applied to some in the past ourselves!

Now it’s time to give back, and we’re excited to partake in the fervent promotion and development of NFTs ourselves. As you know, the NFT experience totally sucks and an impetus of some sort is urgently needed. When we said we’re aiming to be an art metaverse with a purpose, this sort of involvement and proactivity is exactly what we meant.

We’re hoping to significantly contribute to the NFT art scene and are launching a sleuth of ambitious undertakings! Here are some of the programs and schemes we have scheduled:

  • Artist residencies: Artists, have you ever taken on a residency in the metaverse? Here’s your chance! We’re financing full-fledged residencies to encourage practice and work that pushes the boundaries of digital art. There are worlds and worlds of creativity and potential to be explored. Open calls to follow, stay tuned.
  • The Vertikal Fund: we’re pledging to initially commit 100,000 USD to this fund and aim to grow the total operating sum to 1,000,000 USD in the future. One of the first initiatives we will be working towards is to build and expand a comprehensive collection with new NFT acquisitions. We also hope to build an encyclopedic, open access database of NFT works, artists, and collectors, something that is urgently needed for posterity.
  • The Grand Bazar: a marketplace where resident artists can mint and sell their art with no fees or commissions (gas still needed).
  • The MoonShot Program: we’re committed to helping artists launch new NFT collections with this Shark Tank style VC program.
  • The Penta NFT Art Show: an art show in the Grand Hall of the VERTIKAL, with major prizes (like units at VERTIKAL, valued at 20 ETH, and more to be revealed soon!)
  • Shows across public spaces: the design of VERTIKAL is built to allow a variety of multifunctional spaces that can host shows of all sorts, all open to the general public.

As you can see, we’re embarking on an ambitious endeavor in uncharted territories and could absolutely use all the support. Follow us on Twitter @vertikalart to learn more about how you can promote your art or get involved, and join our Discord community for news on our open calls and funding schemes.



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Image credits: Cryptopunks V1 and Geisha @Parafinas1 collection, Repus courtesy @kjmeichtry and gate detail Simon Johns




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