Building community — public spaces in VERTIKAL

3 min readDec 8, 2022

The Metaverse exists to bring people together, wherever they may be IRL. The public spaces in VERTIKAL are designed to encourage encounters at every level.

The VERTIKAL V-Pads give owners the opportunity to welcome carefully-selected guests or to throw open their doors to all Residents and visitors. The public spaces in VERTIKAL are the connective tissue that unite these galleries into a true Art District in the Metaverse.

Focus on community

A key part of the vision for VERTIKAL is to allow communities to establish themselves and grow in their own ways, in response to their own needs and desires. This goal led to the conception of VERTIKAL as a skyscraper, whose structure innately creates distinct levels where people with common passions can come together.

It’s also why over half the space in VERTIKAL is devoted to public areas of many different types. The community at each Level can interact with Residents from other levels, and Residents can come together with visitors. Multiplying the ways people can interact is the key to making VERTIKAL a true community-driven Metaverse.

All sky, no limits

Free from the constraints of physical architecture and old-school engineering, VERTIKAL makes the most of the fact that in the Metaverse you can, indeed, change the laws of physics. Floating, sliding, appearing and transporting, the structure of VERTIKAL is designed to make every experience exciting, from a 50,000 K-Pop concert in the SilverSky Arena to a quiet chat in the Central Plaza on an individual Level.

The many spaces that offer new and exciting public spaces to Residents and visitors are filled with experiences that engage, surprise and delight users. Entire national cultures are distilled into Private Levels, sharing the Metaverse presence of Switzerland, Seoul, Thailand and Australia in distinctive art-driven installations. Central Park2 brings back to life some of the art installations that have taken place in Central Park over the years, such as Christo and Jean-Claude’s blockbuster installation The Gates from 2005. And the monumental 500K Museum of Notorious Draws needs all of Level 114 to contain the largest collection of hand-drawn art on the internet. Open to all, these spaces are perfect for meeting up to explore the exhibitions together.

Global events

Serendipitous encounters and surprising moments abound within the building, so there’s an element that delights around every corner. Not every meeting is left to chance though: the 6 Exhibition Halls scattered across the 115 Levels, the colossal Grand Hall and the many smaller event spaces allow for an evolving series of events, exhibitions, concerts, talks and encounters to be scheduled. Meet the Artist in an exclusive cosy chat in the morning, join the crowds for a world-first virtual concert in the evening. Inbetween, chill out in the Tilt Garden or the French Quarter.

VERTIKAL aims to go beyond these events though, with IRL events in New York (obviously, it’s on the doorstep …) and other cultural centres around the world.

Design with purpose

This wide range of public spaces, open exhibitions, events and occasions is unified by a distinct and consistent design-driven architecture.

The building style makes the most of the opportunities offered by the Metaverse, putting the user experience at the heart of space planning and not hesitating to play with architectural reality when it enhances the experience. In a District dedicated to Art and Culture, the aesthetics of the public spaces have to match the imagination of the Owners of units, making every space as enjoyable as the art it contains. This commitment to design-driven spaces makes even the smallest moment exhilarating.

The best way to appreciate the VERTIKAL environment is to experience it: the next best way is to check out the website for an insight into the Building that’s under construction. Hard hat optional …


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VERTIKAL is a purpose-built, community-driven Metaverse. Its 115 floors celebrating digital art culture float 555 feet above Umpire Rock in Central Park, New York. For more information visit and join the community on Discord.




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