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VERTIKAL is the tallest metaverse in the world celebrating digital art, life and culture and its artists. VERTIKAL floats 555 feet above Central Park in New York, stands 1.6 miles high and offers the best views in town

4 min readJun 2, 2022


In a recent post, we revealed why we decided to build a 1.8-mile-high floating skyscraper in the middle of New York. Indeed VERTIKAL will be floating 555 feet above Umpire Rock in Central Park, New York. So what, exactly, is VERTIKAL?

When we introduced the metaverse back in April, we began revealing some of the major details, and we’ll be sharing many more over the next two months.

Hint: expect more thrilling features and perks.

As a refresher, VERTIKAL is a purpose-built, community-driven metaverse — meaning that it’s built with a meaningful focus on the community’s need for curation and engagement.

Vertikal is a great place for many things. It’s a…

A place to showcase digital art and NFTs

VERTIKAL boasts 115 floors, all committed to celebrating digital art culture where we tackle the terrible NFT experience and revolutionize the NFT space by opening up ​​3D galleries. Many private units are available for sale, which vary in size, layout, height, and features. Their view is of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.

The units are designed in a way to be the best possible spaces to curate, showcase, and even sell digital art and NFTs. Each of these private units available can either be rendered public or semi-public. With the semi-public option, the units can be opened up to select visitors.

It’s time for digital art to truly flourish!

A place to meet and greet

Why kiss under the mistletoe when you can kiss under great art? You know it and we know it: the metaverse is one of the best places to interact with the global art world, letting go of the boring limitations of geographic borders. Invite friends, family, and strangers into your brand new 3D gallery space. Throw a private party. Do whatever you want, it’s all yours. Engagement and conversations drive art forward, and digital art is no exception. What is creativity without an audience reacting to it? Absolutely nothing!

A place for community engagement

One of the greatest thrills of IRL art institutions is the public programming; talks, conferences, galas, screenings… These are all fantastic opportunities to meet like-minded peers, discuss, and get inspired. Think of it as the Italian piazza — or the “urban living room” — spaces where all the best happenings unfold.

So when we set out to design VERTIKAL, we made sure to include as many spaces for public gatherings as possible. These are all created to be the most stimulating meeting spots: party gardens, central plazas, the Dome, the Observatory, an ice rink, even a beach… and lots more.

A place to celebrate Art

We are the team behind 500K, the largest collection of hand-drawn digital art in the world totaling half a million pieces and capturing twenty years of internet history. It’s safe to say that our commitment to Art is not new. When NFTs launched, we were amongst the first ones on board.

To attest to our commitment, we are launching the Vertikal Fund — a program to stimulate and advance the NFT art scene by opening up new avenues for its flourishment. With this million-dollar fund, we plan to finance residencies, build a comprehensive collection with new NFT acquisitions, support curatorial research, and develop new learning resources.

A place to earn and trade

Vertikal is built with the artist and collector in mind. Artists enjoy access to the Moonshot program (boost launch of new drops and collections), galleries to showcase their art, invitations to public events, commission-free minting and selling at the Grand Bazaar and more. Collectors and Holders also enjoy drops of the Tikl — Vertikal’s very own token (after launch), mining and staking rewards, royalties for the first buyers and the ability to collect rents.

And finally, a place for good times

After an exciting day of all things digital art and NFT, kick back and relax in the company of great people from around the world. Whether you meet at the rollercoaster, beach, ski slope, or party gardens at VERTIKAL, there’s always going to be something exhilarating to do, see, and discuss. Think activities like K-pop festivals and contemporary fashion shows.

Stay tuned to find out more about our roadmap and VERTIKAL’s development. In the meantime, we’re inviting all to join our Discord community and share ideas. Early adopters get an exclusive chance to get and invite the SkyG Club!



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VERTIKAL is a purpose-built, community-driven metaverse with 115 floors celebrating digital art culture — floating 555 feet above Umpire Rock in Central Park, New York. For more information, visit vertikal.art and join the community on Discord.




Vertikal is a new frontier for artists, NFT collectors and pioneers of the omiverse.